Insecticide Content of Diet and Body Fat of Alaskan Natives

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Science  08 Dec 1961:
Vol. 134, Issue 3493, pp. 1880-1881
DOI: 10.1126/science.134.3493.1880


A study was made of the DDT and DDE content of the diet and body fat of native Alaskans who lived in isolated, primitive areas and had minimal contact with insecticides. No DDT or DDE was detected in any of the native Alaskan foods analyzed with the exception of two white owls, both of which contained low levels of DDE. Eskimos store considerably less DDT and DDE in their body fat than the general population in the United States. These low dietary levels and the resultant low levels in body fat are consistent with previously published data on the relationship between intake and storage of DDT.

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