Effect of Meprobamate on the Multiplication of Brucella abortus in Monocytes

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Science  08 Dec 1961:
Vol. 134, Issue 3493, pp. 1882-1883
DOI: 10.1126/science.134.3493.1882


Peritoneal mononuclear phagocytes (monocytes) obtained from guinea pigs that had been treated with meprobamate do not support, in vitro, the intracellular growth of smooth Brucella abortus that is characteristic of monocytes from untreated animals. This modification of intracellular events appears to be due to an indirect action of the drug, since meprobamate does not produce any effects following direct exposure of monocytes or bacteria to the drug in vitro. Furthermore, the brucellacidal activity of serum from animals exposed to meprobamate is not increased. An interaction between monocytes and a component in the serum of animals exposed to meprobamate is required for the altered intracellular events.

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