Molecular and Submolecular Localization of Two Isoantigens of Mouse Immunoglobulins

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Science  27 Mar 1964:
Vol. 143, Issue 3613, pp. 1440-1442
DOI: 10.1126/science.143.3613.1440


Three related classes of immunoglobulins ( 7S γ-, β2A-, and γ1M- globulin) in normal C3H and C3H and C57BL/6 mouse serums were isolated and examined for the isoantigens Iga-1 and Iga-2. The results indicate that the genetic locus determining the Iga-1 and Iga-2 antigens affects only a portion of the normal mouse immunoglobulin population (that is, 7S γ-globulin) and only the γ-specific part ("F" piece) of the 7S γ-globulin molecule.

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