Sex-Associated Differences in Serum Proteins of Mice

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Science  24 Apr 1964:
Vol. 144, Issue 3617, pp. 417-418
DOI: 10.1126/science.144.3617.417


Agar electrophoresis of serum from mice of C57BL/10-H-2d, B10.Sn, A.SW, A.CA, R III, and P1 inbred strains shows that the females have a lower concentration of α-1 serum globulin than the males and, in some strains, the females also have a lower concentration of α-2 and, β-serum globulin. Females of the A.SW strain have a higher serum albumin concentration than males, and females of the C57BL/10-H-2d strain have a higher γ-globulin concentration than males. Two-dimensional (agar and hydrolyzed-starch) electrophoresis gives a typical sex-associated pattern for α-1 and α-2 globulins which clearly permits recognition of male and female serums.

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