Photoperiodic Reversibility of Diapause Induction in an Insect

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Science  29 May 1964:
Vol. 144, Issue 3622, pp. 1149-1151
DOI: 10.1126/science.144.3622.1149


The diapause of the pink bollworm is under photoperiodic control. Diapause is prevented when the dark phases of the daily photoperiod are 8 to 10 hours in duration. If the dark period is extended to 12 hours, diapause is induced. Intercalation of 8- or 10-hour nights may reverse the diapause induction caused by exposure to photocycles having 12-hour dark phases. The 10-hour night was much more effective in reversing induction than the 8-hour night. The intensity of diapause, in part, appeared to be dependent on the previous photoperiodic experiences of the test animals.

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