Mutagenicity of a Monofunctional Alkylating Agent Derivative of Acridine in Neurospora

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Science  12 Feb 1965:
Vol. 147, Issue 3659, pp. 750-751
DOI: 10.1126/science.147.3659.750


Purple adenine (ad-3) mutants induced in Neurospora crassa by 2-methoxy-6-chloro-9-(3-[ethyl-2-chloroethyl] aminopropylamino) acridine dihydrochloride (ICR-170) result from intragenic alterations. They are further characterized by low frequencies of leakiness, allelic complementation, and nonpolarized complementation patterns. These characteristics distinguish them from ad-3 mutants induced by x-rays, nitrous acid, and 2-aminopurine.

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