Immunologic Tolerance in Thymectomized, Irradiated Rats Grafted with Thymus from Tolerant Donors

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Science  04 Jun 1965:
Vol. 148, Issue 3675, pp. 1333-1335
DOI: 10.1126/science.148.3675.1333


Lewis rats, thymectomized at 5 weeks of age and irradiated at 8 weeks, received grafts of adult thymus and marrow, one or both grafts being derived from donors tolerant to bovine γ-globulin. Challenge 3 or 6 weeks after grafting showed that delayed sensitization could not be induced in animals which received a tolerant thymus or tolerant thymus and marrow, though sensitization to a heterologous antigen (chicken ovalbumin) occurred normally. Arthus reactivity was regained slowly in animals receiving normal thymus and marrow and, to an equal extent, in those receiving grafts from tolerant donors.