Starch-Deficient Maize Mutant Lacking Adenosine Diphosphate Glucose Pyrophosphorylase Activity

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Science  21 Jan 1966:
Vol. 151, Issue 3708, pp. 341-343
DOI: 10.1126/science.151.3708.341


The maize mutant shrunken-2 synthesizes only 25 to 30 percent as much starch as normal maize; it completely lacks adenosine diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase activity in both endosperm and embryo tissue. Identification of the mutant block indicates that the greater portion of starch in the endosperm of normal maize is synthesized by way of enzyme systems that utilize adenosine diphosphate glucose as a substrate, and that the latter is formed chiefly by adenosine diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase.

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