Stratigraphic Sections, Bedding Sequences, and Random Processes

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Science  02 Dec 1966:
Vol. 154, Issue 3753, pp. 1162-1164
DOI: 10.1126/science.154.3753.1162


Both dependent and independent random processes can be used to study and synthesize stratigraphic sections and bedding sequences. Synthetic stratigraphic sections can be modeled to fit any geologic problem with a good correspondence between the synthetic and actual stratigraphic sections. To synthesize a sedimentary sequence, one needs only a transition procedure to go from one lithology or bedding type to another, and frequency distributions of thickness for the various lithologies. A sedimentation process with a "memory" is termed Markovian; if the past has no influence on either present or future sedimentation, it is called an independent trials process.