Ribosome Biogenesis: Nonrandom Addition of Structural Proteins to 50S Subunits

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Science  15 Mar 1968:
Vol. 159, Issue 3820, pp. 1240-1242
DOI: 10.1126/science.159.3820.1240


Assemblage of structural proteins into 50S subunits was examined in Escherichia coli recovering fromt chloramphenicol treatment. Cells previously labeled with H3-leucine for three generations were incuibated for 30 minutes with chloramnlphenicol. Proteins synthesized during the initial 5 minuites of recovery from chlorarmphenicol treatmnent were labeled with C14-leucine. Marked variation in the ratios of C14- to H3-leucine in ribosomal protein occurred in cells that had been treated with chloramphenicol; luntreated cells displayed little variation. Thle resuilts sliggest that ribosomal proteins are assenmbled into 50S subunits in a nonrandom manner.

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