Pineal Gland: Influence on Gonads of Male Rats Treated with Androgen Three Days after Birth

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Science  26 Apr 1968:
Vol. 160, Issue 3826, pp. 420-421
DOI: 10.1126/science.160.3826.420


Either blinding or the injection of 1 milligram of testosterone propionate into male Sprague-Dawley rats, 3 days old, results in testes and accessory organs (seminal vesicles and coagulating glands) that are smaller than normal when the rats are 72 days old. The response to blinding is prevented by removal of the pineal gland, whereas the response to treatment with testosterone is unaffected by pinealectomy. Combination of the two treatments in 3-day- old rats causes testes to be less than one-third their normal size at 72 days of age; pinealectomy in these rats permits the reproductive organs to grow to the same size as those in the androgen-treated animals.

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