Wake Collapse in Stratified Fluid: Experimental Exploration of Scaling Characteristics

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Science  17 May 1968:
Vol. 160, Issue 3829, pp. 763-764
DOI: 10.1126/science.160.3829.763


Passage of a submerged self-propelled body or other mixing device produces a region of more or less homogeneous fluid, in a fluid having a stable vertical density gradient (stratified), which initially expands vertically and then falls back (collapses). Maximum expansion Z2 at time t2 after the start of mixing are dependent variables related to the diameter Z1 of propeller or mixer and to the Väisälä-Brunt period T by T/t2 = 2.5 and Z2t2/Z1T = 1.3. These scaling relations are first-order approximations.

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