4-Leucine-Oxytocin: Natriuretic, Diuretic, and Antivasopressin Polypeptide

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Science  19 Jul 1968:
Vol. 161, Issue 3838, pp. 280-281
DOI: 10.1126/science.161.3838.280


During water diuresis in anesthetized rats, 4-leucine-oxytocin increased the urine output and the rates of sodium and chloride excretion. The potassium excretion rate was only slightly increased. During vasopressin-suppressed water diuresis, 4-leucine-oxytocin produced similar effects on urine and electrolyte excretions. In addition, it inhibited the vasopressin-induced free-water reabsorption, and it could reverse reabsorption to freewater clearance.

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