Meteoroid Hazard near Moon

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Science  02 Aug 1968:
Vol. 161, Issue 3840, pp. 462-464
DOI: 10.1126/science.161.3840.462


The meteoroid experiments by five Lunar Orbiters have provided direct measurements in the near-lunar environment of the rate of penetration of 0.025-millimeter beryllium copper by meteoroids. Each experiment used 20 pressurized-cell detectors having a total effective exposed area of 0.186 square meter. The spacecraft carrying the cells were in both equatorial and polar orbits; altitudes ranged between 30 and 6200 kilometers. Data collected continuously for 17 months indicate that the rate of penetration in the lunar environment is approximately half the rate in the near-Earth environment as measured by detectors of the same type aboard Explorers 16 and 23.

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