Genetics of Diego Blood Groups in Guatemalan Indians: Use of Antiserums to Diego a and Diego b Antigens

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Science  20 Dec 1968:
Vol. 162, Issue 3860, pp. 1391-1392
DOI: 10.1126/science.162.3860.1391


Red blood cells of 255 inhabitants of San Antonio Palopo, an Indian community on the eastern shore of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, have been typed with antiserum.. to Diego a (Dia) and the newly discovered antiserum to Dib. Individuals with erythrocyte antigenic types Di(a+ b-, Di(a+ b+), and Di(a-b+) have been found, but the type Di(a-b-) has not been encountered. Population frequencies of antigenic types and family studies support the hypothesis that the erythrocyte antigens, Die and Dib, are controlled by two codominant alleles at a single autosomal locus.

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