Suspended Particulate Matter: Concentration in the Major Oceans

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Science  24 Jan 1969:
Vol. 163, Issue 3865, pp. 380-383
DOI: 10.1126/science.163.3865.380


Quantitative data from over 500 concentrates of suspended particulate material has been summarized statistically for the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. From clear ocean water a majority of samples were in the range of 0 to 9.9 milligrams per 200 liters and the next largest number were in the range of 10 to 19.9 milligrams per 200 liters. Certain areas of cloudy or nepheloid water, observed photographically, contain relatively more samples in heavier concentration ranges and have larger mean values than clear ocean water.

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