Neural Readout from Memory during Generalization

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Science  27 Jun 1969:
Vol. 164, Issue 3887, pp. 1534-1536
DOI: 10.1126/science.164.3887.1534


Eight cats with implanted electrodes were trained to obtain food on presentation of one flicker frequency and to avoid shock on presentation of a second flicker frequency. A third flicker frequency, midway between the first and the second, was then presented. Differential generalization ensued, in which either the food response or the avoidance response was performed. Average evoked potentials from generalization trials with different outcomes were significantly different. The wave shape elicited by the stimulus for generalization closely resembled the usual response to the appropriate signal for the behavior which was displayed. This constitutes evidence for release of a neural process representing previous experience. The release of this process begins about 35 milliseconds after stimulation.

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