Radionuclide Composition of the Allende Meteorite from Nondestructive Gamma-Ray Spectrometric Analysis

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Science  05 Dec 1969:
Vol. 166, Issue 3910, pp. 1269-1272
DOI: 10.1126/science.166.3910.1269


The concentrations of beryllium-7, sodium-22, aluminum-26, potassium-40, scandium-46, vanadium-48, chromium-51, manganese-54, cobalt-57, cobalt-60, and thorium-232 (thallium-208) have been measured in the Allende meteorite by nondestructive gamma-ray spectrometry. The high cobalt-60 content of the meteorite is indicative of a preatmospheric body with a minimum effective radius of 50 centimeters and a weight of 1650 kilograms; the aluminum-26 activity indicates a minimum exposure age of 3 million years.

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