Genetic Polymorphism of Tetrazolium Oxidase in Dogs

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Science  19 Dec 1969:
Vol. 166, Issue 3912, pp. 1524-1525
DOI: 10.1126/science.166.3912.1524


Two alleles, ToA and ToB, determine a genetic polymorphism of tetrazolium oxidase in canine erythrocytes. The approximate gene frequencies for most dog breeds are 0.94 for ToA and 0.06 for ToB. The gene frequencies of the German shepherd, 0.8 for ToA and 0.2 for ToB, differ significantly from those of other breeds. The electrophoretic tetrazolium oxidase isozyme pattern of Canis latrans closely resembles the tetrazolium oxidase A pattern of Canis familiaris

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