Photoperiodically Significant Photoreception in Sparrows: Is the Retina Involved?

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Science  16 Jan 1970:
Vol. 167, Issue 3916, pp. 298-301
DOI: 10.1126/science.167.3916.298


Blind house sparrows (150 birds) and normal ones (199 birds) were subjected to various photoperiodic treatments consisting of cycles of 12 hours light, 12 hours dark and 16 hours light, 8 hours dark at intensities ranging from 20 to 500 lux. The testicular, response of the blind birds was found to be indistinguishable from the response of normal birds under these conditions. The data show that a functional extraretinal photoreceptor exists in this species which is fully capable of mediating the gonadal response to photoperiodic stimuli.

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