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Mineralogy and Deformation in Some Lunar Samples

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Science  30 Jan 1970:
Vol. 167, Issue 3918, pp. 594-597
DOI: 10.1126/science.167.3918.594


Observations on the mineralogy and deformation in samples of crystalline rocks, breccias, and fines from Tranquillity Base provide evidence for magmatic and impact processes. Overall homogeneity, igneous textures, and absence of xenoliths in the crystalline rocks indicate derivation from a common titanium-rich magma by internal, anorogenic volcanism rather than by impact. Crystallization conditions allowed strong compositional variation in pyroxenes, olivine, and plagioclase and the growth of a new mineral, the iron analog of pyroxmangite. Subsequently, impact produced breccias containing shock-deformed crystals and glasses of varying compositions.

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