Pineal Gland: Dibutyryl Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Stimulation of Labeled Melatonin Production

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Science  27 Mar 1970:
Vol. 167, Issue 3926, pp. 1738-1740
DOI: 10.1126/science.167.3926.1738


In organ cultures of intact rat pineal glands, N6O2'-dibutyryl adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate stimulates the conversion of tritiated trytophan to tritiated melatonin, as does L-norepinephrine. Potential sites of stimulation of melatonin production by dibutyryl cyclic adenosine monophosphate are discussed, based on observations that the dibutyryl analog also stimulates the conversion of serotonin labeled with carbon-14 to carbon-14-labeled melatonin without altering hydroxyin-dole-O-methyl transferase activity or intracellular accumulation of serotonin labeled with carbon-14.

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