Corrections and Clarifications

Paradoxical Sleep in Two Species of Avian Predator (Falconiformes)

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Science  22 May 1970:
Vol. 168, Issue 3934, pp. 956
DOI: 10.1126/science.168.3934.956-c


In "Paradoxical sleep in two species of avian predator (Falconiformes)" by J. A. Rojas-Ramirez and E. S. Tauber (27 March, p. 1754), line 2 of the abstract should read "the sleep cycle in Buteo jamaicensis borealis and Herpetotheres cachinnans chapmani" rather than ". . . arborealis and . . . chapmanni." The same corrections in spelling apply to lines 12 and 14, column 1, page 1755. In reference 6, line 1, "Bueto j. a." should be "Buteo j. b."

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