Australopithecine Endocast (Taung Specimen, 1924): A New Volume Determination

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Science  22 May 1970:
Vol. 168, Issue 3934, pp. 966-968
DOI: 10.1126/science.168.3934.966


A redetermination of endocranial volume of the original 1924 Taung australopithecine described by Dart indicates a volume of 405 cubic centimeters, rather than the 525 cubic centimeters published earlier. The adult volume is estimated to have been 440 cubic centimeters. This value, plus other redeterminations of australopithecine endocasts, lowers the average to 442 cubic centimeters, and increase the likelihood of statistically significant differences from both robust australopithecines and the Olduvai Gorge hominid No. 7.

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