Zircon and Chromite Crystals in a Muong Nong-Type Tektite

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Science  21 Aug 1970:
Vol. 169, Issue 3947, pp. 766-769
DOI: 10.1126/science.169.3947.766


Chromite, zircon, and quartz crystals (identified by x-ray diffraction) have been recovered from a 2.07-gram sample of Muong Nong-type tektite. The absence of eskolaite (Cr2O3) and baddeleyite (ZrO2) supports a previous conclusion that Muong Nong-type tektites were not heated as intensely as other tektite groups. X-ray asterism studies indicate that the crystals are shocked, which supports an impact origin. The presence of chromite and zircon together suggests that the Muong Nong-type tektite was produced from sedimentary material.

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