The Fundamental Nuclear Interaction

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Science  04 Sep 1970:
Vol. 169, Issue 3949, pp. 933-941
DOI: 10.1126/science.169.3949.933


GOPEB based upon known mesons have been found which realistically describe a massive accumulation of the experimental nuclear data up to 400 Mev. The N-N potential according to these models consists primarily of weak residual central terms surviving the cancellation of large repulsive and attractive vector and scalar static components; relativistic interactions arising from the exchange of pseudoscalar, vector, and scalar mesons and dipole type terms arising from the ρ meson. The major dynamic terms are direct analogs of magnetic interactions illustrated in Fig. 1. Allowance must be made for the effective dependence of the coupling constants upon spin and isospin states. The nucleons are distributed sources which give rise to nonsingular generalized Yukawa functions in N-N potentials.

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