Double Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Observation of Electron Exchange between Ferri- and Ferrocytochrome c

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Science  18 Sep 1970:
Vol. 169, Issue 3951, pp. 1204-1206
DOI: 10.1126/science.169.3951.1204


Cyanide-inhibited electron exchange between ferri- and ferrocytochrome c molecules has been observed by nuclear magnetic resonance. Irradiation of a partially reduced protein solution at resonance frequencies arising from protons of the oxidized state results in a decrease in the absorption due to the corresponding protons of the reduced state. The experiment quantitates the hyperfine shifts observed in this system and can be used to identify hitherto unassignable resonances. Analysis of the shifts suggests that an aromatic side chain ring lies near the edge of the heme ring.

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