Latent Meiotic Anomalies Related to an Ancestral Exposure to a Mutagenic Agent

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Science  09 Apr 1971:
Vol. 172, Issue 3979, pp. 171-174
DOI: 10.1126/science.172.3979.171


When urethan is administered to cytologically normal F2 progeny descended from grandsires exposed to ethyl methanesulfonate, meiotic anomalies in the forms of site-specific X-chromosome deletions and bivalent associations are noted in spermatocytes of male Armenian hamsters examined 6 and 8 days after treatment, respectively. These latent anomalies are initiated and retained in a premutated state for two generations after the ancestral exposure to ethyl methanesulfonate, the additional impetus required to complete the mutational processes being supplied by urethan.

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