Receptor-Estrogen Complex in the Nuclear Fraction of Rat Uterine Cells during the Estrous Cycle

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Science  05 May 1972:
Vol. 176, Issue 4034, pp. 528-530
DOI: 10.1126/science.176.4034.528


A quantitative method was used to determine the concentration of receptor-estrogen complex in the nuclear fraction of rat uterine cells throughout the estrous cycle. The concentrations of nuclear receptor-estrogen complex were: metestrus, 0.22; diestrus, 0.75; proestrus, 1.29; and estrus, 0.31 picomoles per milligram of DNA. This cyclic fluctuation in the nuclear complex closely parallels the secretion of ovarian estrogen during the estrous cycle, an indication that the accumulation of receptor-estrogen complex by the nuclear fraction of uterine cells may be of physiological significance, and under the control of endogenous estrogen.