Rocket Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry of Comet Kohoutek (1973f)

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Science  23 Aug 1974:
Vol. 185, Issue 4152, pp. 705-707
DOI: 10.1126/science.185.4152.705


Observations of Comet Kohoutek (1973f) in the spectral region between 1200 and 3200 angstroms were made from an Aerobee rocket on 5.1 January 1974 universal time. The strongest features observed were the Lyman alpha line of neutral atomic hydrogen at 1216 angstroms and the hydroxyl (OH) bands at 3090 and 3142 angstroms. Atomic oxygen and atomic carbon were also detected, and their luminosity implies a production rate (of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide) commensurate with that of water vapor.

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