Behavioral characterization of d- and l-amphetamine: neurochemical implications

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Science  31 Oct 1975:
Vol. 190, Issue 4213, pp. 475-477
DOI: 10.1126/science.1166317


Various doses of d- and l-amphetamine affect the temporal pattern of rat behavior in the following ways: First, the patterns of activity produced by d- and l-amphetamine are similar but out of phase; that is, the response to d-amphetamine has a relatively shorter latency whereas the effects of l-amphetamine persist for longer periods of time. Second, d-amphetamine is approximately five times as potent as l-amphetamine in its effects on both the total amount of locomotor activity and the duration of stereotypy. Both amphetamine-induced locomotion and stereotypy may be mediated by the same neurochemical mechanisms.

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