Induction of mitosis in mature neurons in central nervous system by sustained depolarization

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Science  09 Apr 1976:
Vol. 192, Issue 4235, pp. 155-158
DOI: 10.1126/science.56781


DNA synthesis and mitosis have been induced in vitro in fully differentiated neurons from the central nervous system by depolarization with a variety of agents that produce a sustained rise in the intracellular sodium ion concentration and a decrease in the potassium ion concentration. Depolarization was followed in less than 1 hour by an increase in RNA synthesis and in 3 hours by initiation of DNA synthesis. Apparently normal nuclear mitosis ensued, but cytokinesis was not completed in most cells; this resulted in the formation of binucleate neurons. The daughter nuclei each contained the same amount of DNA as the diploid preinduction parental neurons; this implies that true mitogenic replication was induced.