Revertants of human cells transformed by murine sarcoma virus

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Science  26 Nov 1976:
Vol. 194, Issue 4268, pp. 951-953
DOI: 10.1126/science.62397


Revertants of nonproducer human osteosarcoma (NP/KHOS) cells induced by Kirsten murine sarcoma virus were isolated after incubating at high temperature (40.5 degrees C) overnight and subcloning at 36 degrees C. The morphologic variants, from which murine sarcoma virus could no longer be rescued, had growth properties similar to those of the nontransformed, parent human osteosarcoma cells and did not release RNA-dependent DNA polymerase activity. These revertants were nontumorigenic in nude mice. The revertants supported leukemia virus growth and showed an enhanced sensitivity to murine sarcoma virus superinfection. Thus, the revertants were from human cells transformed by an oncogenic RNA virus.