Early Meteorological Results from the Viking 2 Lander

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Science  17 Dec 1976:
Vol. 194, Issue 4271, pp. 1352-1353
DOI: 10.1126/science.194.4271.1352


Early results from the meteorological instruments on the Viking 2 lander are presented. As on lander 1, the daily patterns of temperature, wind, and pressure have been highly repetitive during the early summer period. The average daily maximum temperature was 241°K and the diurnal minimum was 191°K. The wind has a vector mean of 0.7 meter per second from the southeast with a diurnal amplitude of 3 meters per second. Pressure exhibits both diurnal and semidiurnal oscillations, although of substantially smaller amplitude than those of lander 1. Departures from the repetitive diurnal patterns begin to appear on sol 37.

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