Homeostasis during hypoglycemia: central control of adrenal secretion and peripheral control of feeding

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Science  01 Apr 1977:
Vol. 196, Issue 4285, pp. 79-81
DOI: 10.1126/science.841345


Intravenous infusions of manose or B-hydroxybutyrate, metabolic fuels which can be oxidized by brain, abolished adrenal discharge of epinephrine in rats during insulin-induced hypoglycemia, whereas infusion of fructose, a sugar which does not cross the blood-brain barrier, did not. In contrast, increased feeding behavior during hypoglycemia was prevented both by the sugars and by B-hydroxybutyrate. Thus, while the sympathetic response during marked hypoglycemia may have been initiated by alterations in cerebal metabolism, the feeding response evidently was not, and a decrease in the utilization of glucose per se does not appear to be the critical stimulus in either case.

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