Spiroplasmavirus citri 3: propagation, purification, proteins, and nucleic acid

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Science  23 Dec 1977:
Vol. 198, Issue 4323, pp. 1262-1263
DOI: 10.1126/science.929198


SVC3 is a short-tailed polyhedral virus particle morphologically detectable in many spiroplasmas. It was isolated from two different spiroplasmas (Spiroplasma citri and the suckling mouse cataract agent) by infecting lawns and broth culture of another strain of Spiroplasmavirus citri. Virions from either donor strain had a buoyant density of 1.26 grams per cubic centimeter (metrizamide) or 1.45 grams per cubic centimeter (cesium chloride), and contained five proteins and linear double-stranded DNA with a molecular weight of 14 X 10(6). Other spiroplasmaviruses have not been propagated, and the molecular weights of double-stranded DNA from other mycoplasma (Acholeplasma) viruses are unknown.

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