Flavin adenine dinucleotide--dependent monooxygenase: its role in the sulfoxidation of pesticides in mammals

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Science  05 Sep 1980:
Vol. 209, Issue 4461, pp. 1134-1136
DOI: 10.1126/science.7403873


The flavin adenine dinucleotide--dependent monooxygenase in mammalian hepatic microsomes plays a major role in the oxidative metabolism of thioether-containing pesticides. Thirty-four compounds were tested, and it was determined that organophosphorus insecticides such as disulfoton and phorate are rapidly oxidized by the purified enzyme to their corresponding sulfoxides. The enzyme does not catalyze the oxidation of the thiophosphoryl and thiol sulfur atoms of these or other phosphorothioates and phosphorodithioates, or the oxidation of the sulfoxide to the sulfone. Carbamates aldicarb and Croneton are also oxidized, but at a lower rate.

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