Herpes simplex virus type-1 glycoprotein D gene: nucleotide sequence and expression in Escherichia coli

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Science  22 Oct 1982:
Vol. 218, Issue 4570, pp. 381-384
DOI: 10.1126/science.6289440


The protein coding region of the herpes simplex virus type-1 glycoprotein D (gD) gene was mapped, and the nucleotide sequence was determined. The predicted amino acid sequence of the gD polypeptide was found to contain a number of features in common with other virus glycoproteins. Insertion of this protein coding region into a bacterial expressor plasmid enabled synthesis in Escherichia coli of an immunoreactive gD-related polypeptide. The potential of this system for preparation of a type-common herpes simplex virus vaccine is discussed.

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