Formation in vitro of sperm pronuclei and mitotic chromosomes induced by amphibian ooplasmic components

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Science  13 May 1983:
Vol. 220, Issue 4598, pp. 719-721
DOI: 10.1126/science.6601299


A cell-free preparation of the cytoplasm from activated eggs of Rana pipiens induces, in demembranated sperm nuclei of Xenopus laevis, formation of a nuclear envelope, chromatin decondensation, initiation of DNA synthesis, and chromosome condensation. Both soluble and particulate cytoplasmic constituents are required to initiate these processes in vitro. The observed changes resemble processes occurring during fertilization and the mitotic cycle in early amphibian embryos. Therefore, this cell-free system may be useful in biochemical analysis of the interactions of nucleus and cytoplasm that control nuclear behavior.

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