Fourier transform infrared spectrometry

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Science  21 Oct 1983:
Vol. 222, Issue 4621, pp. 297-302
DOI: 10.1126/science.6623077


The theory and instrumentation for Fourier transform infrared spectrometry are discussed. These instruments measure infrared spectra of the same quality as spectra measured on grating spectrometers in about one thousandth of the time. Their sensitivity advantage for spectra measured in equal times is between a factor of 10 and 100. Commercial spectrometers are now available from nine vendors in North America. Important areas of chemistry include atmospheric monitoring, surface chemistry, and on-line identification of chromatographically separated materials. Many new biochemical and biomedical applications are also becoming apparent, including investigations of phase transitions in lipids and studies of the biocompatibility of implant polymers.