25 May 1984
Vol 224, Issue 4651

About The Cover

False color infrared image produced by displaying 5-, 10-, and 20-micrometer images on the blue, green, and red guns of a cathode-ray tube showing a newborn star in the core of the W3 Molecular Cloud. The shell-like structure is produced as a luminous young central star, visible at 2 (white star), and dissipates its protostellar cocoon through radiation and stellar wind pressure. The dark central hole indicates a lowdensity region swept clean by the stellar wind; reddening around the outside of the shell indicates cooler outlying dust grains. The region is invisible to optical telescopes. (North is at the top; east is to the left.) See page 823 [R. D. Gehrz, G. L. Grasdalen, and J. A. Hackwell, Wyoming Infrared Observatory]