Trends in Analytical Scale Separations

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Science  19 Oct 1984:
Vol. 226, Issue 4672, pp. 254-261
DOI: 10.1126/science.226.4672.254


Although gas chromatography has been called a mature technology, advances are still being made in the development of faster columns as well as detectors which yield more information on solutes. In liquid chromatography short columns packed with 3-micrometer particles are already popular for fast analyses, while long narrow-bore columns are being developed for high-resolution separations. An increasing range of detection modes is enhancing the problem-solving capabilities of liquid chromatography. Electrophoresis continues to be of central importance to molecular biology. Computer-aided analysis and display of electropherogram patterns is helping researchers to better comprehend the wealth of data from two-dimensional electrophoresis. A new mode of two-dimensional electrophoresis is permitting separation of whole chromosomes containing as many as 3 million base pairs.

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