28 June 1985
Vol 228, Issue 4707

About The Cover

Articulate brachiopods (three Terebratalia transversa, curved gapes) and other suspension-feeding marine benthos on steep 70 degree rock, Turn Rock, San Juan Channel, Washington (depth, 70 feet). Yellow scallop (Chalmys) with marginal eyes; six edrioasteroid-like plated holothurioids (Psolus chitonoides, salmon color), three with crimson feeding podia extended; single orange solitary coral (Balanophyllia elegans) and branched bryozoan, both above the scallop. Purple crust is coralline alga Lithothamnion. (Field of view about 10 centimeters wide). See page 1527. [Charles W. Thayer, Department of Geology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 19104]