Gonadotropin-releasing hormone binding sites in human breast carcinoma

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Science  06 Sep 1985:
Vol. 229, Issue 4717, pp. 989-991
DOI: 10.1126/science.2992093


Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogs can cause regression of hormone-dependent breast carcinomas. These effects are thought to be mediated through the inhibition of gonadotropic and steroid hormones. These analogs may also act directly on the tumor because they are effective in treating breast cancer in some postmenopausal women. The presence of specific binding sites for gonadotropin-releasing hormone was demonstrated in human breast carcinomas by means of a novel approach of ligand immunoblotting. The results indicate a possible mechanism by which the peptide has direct effects on this tissue. These binding proteins were not detectable in non-neoplastic breast tissue.

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