The genetic linkage map of the human X chromosome

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Science  15 Nov 1985:
Vol. 230, Issue 4727, pp. 753-758
DOI: 10.1126/science.4059909


A database useful for mapping the human X chromosome has been established. The data consist of the genotypic characterizations obtained at more than 20 DNA marker loci from a set of 38 selected families. Multilocus linkage analysis has provided an initial genetic map completely spanning the distance from the distal short arm to the distal long arm of the chromosome, for a total genetic length of at least 185 recombination units. Analysis of the recombinational behavior of fully marked chromosomes suggests that the number of recombination events on the X chromosome may be nonrandom. Linkage studies of six families that carry the mutation which causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy were combined with linkage data from a large number of normal families. This permitted mapping of the locus for Duchenne muscular dystrophy with greater precision and statistical confidence than studies in which disease families alone provided the genotypic database. This observation suggests that the normal linkage map of this chromosome should be especially valuable in the mapping of rare X-linked diseases.