Several of the endothelial cell polypeptide mitogens that have been described probably play a role in blood vessel homeostasis. Two overlapping complementary DNA clones encoding human endothelial cell growth factor (ECGF) were isolated from a human brain stem complementary DNA library. Southern blot analysis suggested that there is a single copy of the ECGF gene and that it maps to human chromosome 5 at bands 5q31.3 to 33.2 A 4.8-kilobase messenger RNA was present in human brain stem messenger RNA. The complete amino acid sequence of human ECGF was deduced from the nucleic acid sequence of these clones; it encompasses all the well-characterized acidic endothelial cell polypeptide mitogens described by several laboratories. The ECGF-encoding open reading frame is flanked by translation stop codons and provides no signal peptide or internal hydrophobic domain for the secretion of ECGF. This property is shared by human interleukin-1, which is approximately 30 percent homologous to ECGF.

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