Modulation of memory processing by cholecystokinin: dependence on the vagus nerve

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Science  15 May 1987:
Vol. 236, Issue 4803, pp. 832-834
DOI: 10.1126/science.3576201


Allowing mice access to food immediately after an aversive training session enhances memory retention. Cholecystokinin-octapeptide (CCK-8), which is a gastrointestinal hormone released during feeding, also enhances memory retention when administered intraperitoneally. This memory-enhancing effect of CCK-8 is blocked when the vagus nerve is cut, indicating that CCK-8 may produce its effect on memory retention by activating ascending fibers in the vagus nerve. Thus, CCK-8, a peripherally acting peptide, may mediate the memory-enhancing effects of feeding.

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