22 May 1987
Vol 236, Issue 4804

About The Cover

Athapaskan wooden plaque mask. The mask “was created to tell the story of a woman who went to pick blueberries. But rather than collecting the fruit she danced with her basket, pretending to be industrious. The mask has many features similar to those employed by Bering Sea Eskimos and of religious significance to them. These include a down-turned mouth and chin tattoos, symbols of females; a pair of goggles, an indication of a supernatural quality; and hoops and feathers, references to celestial bodies. The symmetry of the mask is typical of Athapaskan workmanship as are the woman's red cheek spots.” [University Museum Anvik NA 5822b; collected by L. Dimoski; accessioned 1917. Height 31.9 centimeters excluding feathers. From Raven's Journey, reviewed on page 1005]