Duplication of CaMV 35S Promoter Sequences Creates a Strong Enhancer for Plant Genes

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Science  05 Jun 1987:
Vol. 236, Issue 4806, pp. 1299-1302
DOI: 10.1126/science.236.4806.1299


A variant of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter with transcriptional activity approximately tenfold higher than that of the natural promoter was constructed by tandem duplication of 250 base pairs of upstream sequences. The duplicated region also acted as a strong enhancer of heterologous promoters, increasing the activity of an adjacent and divergently transcribed transferred DNA gene several hundredfold, and to a lesser extent, that of another transferred DNA gene from a remote downstream position. This optimized enhancer element should be very useful for obtaining high levels of expression of foreign genes in transgenic plants.

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