Mapping patterns of c-fos expression in the central nervous system after seizure

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Science  10 Jul 1987:
Vol. 237, Issue 4811, pp. 192-197
DOI: 10.1126/science.3037702


A dramatic and specific induction of c-fos was observed in identifiable neuronal populations in vivo after administration of the convulsant Metrazole. This effect was time- and dose-dependent and was abolished by prior treatment with the anticonvulsant drugs diazepam or pentobarbital. About 60 minutes after administration of Metrazole, c-fos messenger RNA reached a maximum and declined to basal levels after 180 minutes. A further decrease below that in normal brain was observed before a return to basal levels after 16 hours. While Metrazole still elicited seizures during this period, reinduction of c-fos was largely refractory. At 90 minutes, c-fos protein was observed in the nuclei of neurons in the dentate gyrus, and in the pyriform and cingulate cortices. Subsequently, c-fos protein appeared throughout the cortex, hippocampus, and limbic system. Thus, seizure activity results in increased c-fos gene expression in particular subsets of neurons.

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